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Chiến lược RouletteThe late Carl W. Hirschmann established Jet Aviation as a maintenance organization when he bought the former Globe Air hangars in Basel, Switzerland and opened the first maintenance facility for business aircraft in Europe almost 50 years ago.


Chiến lược RouletteTwo years later, he expanded the company and entered a new line of business by acquiring the Pilatus maintenance and airline handling operations in Zurich and Geneva. Then realizing that customers may likely still require transport while their own aircraft are being maintained, he also began offering aircraft charter and management services to European and Middle Eastern customers.

During the 1970s, Jet Aviation started opening facilities abroad, beginning with a maintenance facility in Germany and an FBO in Jeddah. In 1977, it began offering completions and refurbishment services at Basel, completing its first ever V.I.P.-outfitted aircraft – a Convair 880M — that same year. Today, Jet Aviation Basel is one of the largest independent completions center in the world.

Continuing its expansion in Europe and the Middle East throughout the 1980s, Jet Aviation also successfully entered the U.S. market, making it the first global player in the business aviation industry. Consolidation and steady growth marked the 1990s, with the opening of a maintenance and FBO facility in Singapore in 1995 and an aircraft management and charter firm in Hong Kong, China in 2000.

As pioneers of private business aviation, the Hirschman family built Jet Aviation up over nearly 40 years from a small local maintenance operation to a highly reputed global business aviation services provider, before deciding to sell the family-run business to Permira Funds, a private European equity firm, in 2005. Three years later, Permira sold Jet Aviation to General Dynamics on November 5, 2008. Jet Aviation currently operates as an independent business unit within the General Dynamics Aerospace Group and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

Our mission is to serve you best!

Although we have experienced significant growth over the years, the unwavering constant at Jet Aviation is our focus on you, our customers. Our highest priority is ensuring your safety and security, which we achieve by maintaining the highest standards through continuous and rigorous quality and safety checks. Our long-standing reputation for quality workmanship is backed by numerous aviation authorities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the industry. We also constantly strive to add value for our customers, whether through our comprehensive scope of services, our ever-expanding list of capabilities, our global network or our 24/7 on- and off-site AOG support. What truly differentiates us, however, is our commitment to serving your specific needs. Our range of complementary services benefits customers by providing a single supplier under one roof, but it also helps us build an enduring relationship with our customers to better understand their ongoing needs and thereby provide the best service - Personalized to Perfection.






2010 - present

2019?Jet Aviation acquires stake in Scottsdale Jet Center
2019 Jet Aviation celebrates 40 years of operation in Saudi Arabia
2019 Jet Aviation acquires?full ownership of the San Juan FBO?in Puerto Rico
2018 Jet Aviation recieves IS-BAH Stage 2 Safety Registration for 20 global FBOs
2018 Jet Aviation celebrates grand opening of new wide-body hangar in Basel
2018 Jet Aviation acquires KLM Jet Center in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
2018 Jet Aviation provides ground handeling services in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2018 Jet Aviation aquires Hawker Pacific
2018 Jet Aviation's eight FBOs in the US achieve IS-BAH registration
2017 Jet Aviation celebrates opening of 3rd hangar at Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore
2017 Jet Aviation secures Malta AOC and expands aircraft management and charter operations in EMEA
2017 Jet Aviation opens new FBO at Dubai South with joint venture partner Al Mulla Business Group
2017 Jet Aviation opens FBO in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2017 Jet Aviation opens FBO at Boston/Bedford
2017 Jet Aviation commences FBO operations at Washington Dulles International Airport
2017 Jet Aviation celebrates its?50th anniversary?
2016 Jet Aviation introduces new branding to commemorate 50th?anniversary in 2017?
2016 Jet Aviation awarded to establish an FBO facility at Los Angeles/Van Nuys Airport
2016 Jet Aviation Singapore celebrates its 20th anniversary
2016 Jet Aviation to acquire Los Angeles-based Avjet Corporation, a global jet charter and management company
2015 Jet Aviation signs Preferred Partner FBO Alliance agreement with Sheltair in the US
2015 Jet Aviation signs Preferred Partner FBO agreement with Kurz Aviation in Germany
2015 Jet Aviation opens FBO at Nassau airport, Bahamas
2014 Jet Aviation adds Munich to its FBO network
2014 Jet Aviation opens MRO and FBO facility in Vienna
2014 Jet Aviation Singapore opens 7,500 square-meter hangar
2014 General Dynamics appoints Robert Smith as new president of the Jet Aviation Group
2013 Jet Aviation Geneva opens its newly refurbished and expanded FBO
2013 Jet Aviation opens FBO at DWC Airport in Dubai
2013 Jet Aviation offers FBO services from Berlin's Tegel and Sch?nefeld airports
2012 Jet Aviation moves its worldwide headquarters from Zurich to Basel, Switzerland?
2012 Medina in Saudi Arabia is added to Jet Aviation's FBO network
2012 Jet Aviation opens FBO and maintenance facility in Houston Tx.
2011 Jet Aviation opens aircraft management and charter office in Van Nuys, Ca.
2011 General Dynamics appoints Daniel G. Clare as new president of the Jet Aviation Group
2011 Peter G. Edwards, president of the Jet Aviation Group, announces departure from Jet Aviation ?
2011 Jet Aviation moves into new FBO facility in Jeddah ?
2011 Midcoast Aviation rebrands to Jet Aviation St. Louis
Chiến lược Roulette2010 Carl Hirschmann, son of Jet Aviation’s founder Carl W. Hirschmann, dies at 61???

2000 - 2009

2008 General Dynamics acquires Jet Aviation on November 5, 2008
2008 Jet Aviation opens maintenance operation in Hong Kong
2008 Jet Aviation celebrates grand opening of its wide-body completions hangar at Basel
2008 Jet Aviation opens line maintenance operation at Moscow Vnukovo Airport
2007 Jet Aviation celebrates the company’s 40th anniversary.
2007 Jet Aviation Group sells its airline and cargo handling division in Switzerland to Dnata
2007 Peter G. Edwards appointed CEO of the Jet Aviation Group
2007 Carl W. Hirschmann Junior appointed interim CEO of the Jet Aviation Group
2006 Jet Aviation completes acquisition of U.S.-based Midcoast Aviation
2005 Permira Funds acquires Jet Aviation on October 4, 2005
2005 Jet Aviation opens maintenance and FBO operation in Dubai in May 2005
2004 Jet Aviation breaks ground for its maintenance and FBO facility in Dubai
2003 Jet Aviation moves its worldwide headquarters from Palm Beach to Zurich
2003 Heinz K?hli, former COO for Jet Aviation EMEA & Asia, is appointed CEO of the Jet Aviation Group
2003 Jet Aviation Basel opens its new administration building at the EuroAirport in Basel, Switzerland
2003 Thomas M. Hirschmann resigns after 13 years as Chairman & CEO of the Jet Aviation Group
2001 Jet Aviation opens an aircraft management and charter office in Hong Kong
2001 In Teterboro, New Jersey, Jet Aviation opens its new five-story terminal and administration building
2001 Jet Aviation purchases a facility at London Biggin Hill, UK, to offer maintenance and FBO services
2000 Jet Aviation introduces its first-ever corporate video
2000 Jet Aviation opens three new hangars at its West Palm Beach facility?

1990 - 1999

1999 Aircraft sales is added to Jet Aviation’s worldwide lines of business as part of the Dallas acquisition
1999 Jet Aviation acquires Jet East in Dallas, Tx, to offer FBO, maintenance, charter, management and aircraft sales services
1997 Jet Aviation introduces its branded Private Fleet of seven Gulfstream aircraft in the U.S. to provide charter services
1997 Jet Aviation celebrates the company’s 30th anniversary
1996 Jet Professionals, a flight crew staffing company, is added to Jet Aviation’s lines of business in the United States as part of the acquisition of K-C Aviation Transportation Services
1996 Jet Aviation purchases K-C Aviation’s aircraft management and charter services in the United States
1996 Jet Aviation enters agreement with The Eagle Group to manage an FBO in Las Vegas
1995 Jet Aviation acquires DHP Aviation at Singapore Seletar airport to offer maintenance and FBO services
1995 Carl W. Hirschmann, entrepreneur and founder of Jet Aviation, dies on April 28, 1995, at age 74, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota
1994 Jet Aviation opens an aircraft management office in Cologne, Germany
1994 Jet Aviation establishes Jet Aviation Handling Ltd., expanding its airline handling services to scheduled airlines and IATA carriers in Zurich and Geneva
1993 Jet Aviation inaugurates its new FBO terminal in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
1992 Jet Aviation opens an aircraft management and charter operation in Burbank, California
1992 Jet Aviation acquires the Falcon Jet Service Center in Teterboro, New Jersey
1992 Jet Aviation celebrates its 25th anniversary
1991 Jet Aviation moves its worldwide headquarters from Zurich, Switzerland to Palm Beach, Florida
1991 Jet Aviation open maintenance facility in Hannover, Germany
1991 Jet Aviation introduces its global customer magazine, OUTLOOK, published biannually
1990 Jet Aviation opens a facility in Dahran, Saudi Arabia to offer airline line maintenance services
1990 Carl W. Hirschmann retires and his son, Thomas M. Hirschmann, takes over as chairman and CEO?

1980 - 1989

1988 Jet Aviation acquires Aero Service FBO and Executive Air Fleet in Teterboro, NJ, the largest aircraft charter and management company in the United States
1987 Expansion in Europe continues by opening a maintenance facility in Saarbrucken, Germany
1987 Jet Aviation opens a FBO in Malaga, Spain
1986 Jet Aviation acquires Atlas Aviation in Denver, Colorado to operate a FBO
1985 Jet Aviation acquires Rockwell Aviation to establish a FBO and maintenance operation in West Palm Beach, Florida States
1985 Jet Aviation acquires Continental Group Aviation Division in Morristown, NJ to provide FBO services
1985 In Kassel, Germany, Jet Aviation opens a maintenance facility
1984 Jet Aviation acquires Stead Aviation and establishes a FBO in Bedford, Massachusetts
1982 The company opens an office for aircraft management and charter in Bermuda
1982 Jet Aviation enters the United States with an office in Washington, DC
1981 Jet Aviation opens a maintenance facility in Munich, Germany
Chiến lược Roulette1981 In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jet Aviation opens its second FBO in the Middle East?

1970 - 1979

1979 Jet Aviation enters Saudi Arabia to provide FBO services for corporate and private aircraft in Jeddah
1977 Jet Aviation Basel provides completions and refurbishment services and presents its first ever V.I.P. outfitted aircraft – a Convair 880M – at the Paris Airshow
1975 The company acquires a maintenance base in Dusseldorf, Germany
Chiến lược Roulette1972 Jet Aviation enters the aircraft charter and management business in Europe?

1960 - 1969

1969 Jet Aviation enters the airline handling markets in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland, to offer handling services to chartered flights, private, corporate and government and military aircraft
1969 Jet Aviation acquires the ground handling and maintenance facilities of Pilatus in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland and provides maintenance services
1967 Jet Aviation begins providing maintenance services for business aircraft
1967 Carl W. Hirschmann acquires the former Globair hangars in Basel, Switzerland and establishes a Jet Aviation as a new company?

Chiến lược RouletteChanging with our times, the world around us and our customer’s expectations is as important as the products and services we provide. Innovation is an ever-evolving process.

Jet?Aviation has a continuous improvement council in place to ensure that our processes are streamlined and our resources utilized to their maximum potential.

Our safety record has shown over the years that we are fully committed to provide an environment for our customers and employees that foster the highest standards of performance.?

Jet Aviation’s vision, mission and?core value statements represent a clear message to our clients, employees, shareholders, manufacturers, vendors and the industry at large about our goals and our leadership responsibility as a service organization and employer. These statements will guide all our employees as we go about our daily work and will affect not only our way of dealing with our immediate environment but will also help us realize our ambition to become the leader in business aviation services worldwide.

Our Vision

Our long-term goal is to be the leader in business aviation services worldwide.

Our Mission

  • We consider the safety and security of our clients and employees to be our first priority in all our operations and services.
  • We provide our clients with impeccable services and products that meet superior standards.
  • We offer our employees an excellent working environment and reward entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding performance.
  • We generate sustainable financial results and increasing value for our shareholders.
  • We maintain mutually rewarding and reliable partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities.
  • We act responsibly towards society and the environment and conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards.


  • Trust: we trust each other to do the right thing for Jet Aviation as a whole.
  • Honesty: we are honest to each other and we tell the truth to ourselves and others.
  • Alignment: we are one aligned team dedicated to serving our customers.
  • Transparency: we are transparent to our customers, to each other, and to GD.?

Our Services

As a globally recognized leader in the business aviation industry, we have been ensuring your health and safety for almost half a century. Whether you are interested in?maintenance, completions and refurbishment, FBO, aircraft?charter, aircraft management or , rely on our award-winning?aircraft-support?services to meet your needs — wherever you are or want to go.

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